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I combine photography, especially cyanotypew & writing in my projects, for interviews & travel blogging.




Solo Show

09.27.2017-09.29.2917: “Ost End” at the TAF Gallery, Athens


Group Exhibitions (selection)

07.27.2019: Presentation of the project "Ost End" at ANIMART photofestival, Hydra

11.18.2018-11.25.2018: “My Andros”, at the Athinais Cultural Center, Athens

06.25.2018-07.08.2017: “Contrast Athens”, at the Syntagma Metro Station

01.30.2016-02.11.2017: “Dada no Dada”, 3d International Photo based Mail Art Exhibition at the Refugee Museum, Thessaloniki, organised by the Photography Center of Thessaloniki, εδώ ο κατάλογος της έκθεσης 

12.09.2016-12.12.2016: “Von Anfang bis zu Erbse”, at the BASIS cultural Center, Frankfurt, organised by the Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt E.V.

08.02.2015-08.10.2015: “Ruins” Installation at the Cannery Factory at Prespes, as part of my participation at the “Psyche in the Neck” (Ψυχή στο λαιμό) workshop at the Prespes Municipality

08.2012: “People of Arles”, as part of my participation at Veronique Ellena’s photo workshop in Arles, Les Rencontres d’Arles, 2012


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